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Mission Hill School

In Boston, Massachusetts, the Mission Hill School was founded in 1997 as a pre-Kindergarten through grade 8 public school with approximately 200 racially and economically diverse students. Education thought leader Deborah Meier cofounded the school with parents, community leaders and others to provide a model to encourage other schools to innovate. Students throughout the city are chosen to attend Mission Hill based on a lottery and careful district selection.

Mission Hill features many elements of Meaningful Student Involvement. Students are considered partners throughout learning, teaching and leadership in the school, and have opportunities to co-lead the school’s curricula and culture, and help identify learning outcomes. With schoolwide learning themes, students have a lot of opportunities to share their perspectives on learning and education through planning, co-teaching, evaluation and decision-making. There are also educational advocacy opportunities woven into every students’ learning experience. To prove their learning, students develop and share class portfolios to share with others. Students are taught democratic habits of mind, and the school seeks to create community in order to nurture democracy. Using anti-racist and culturally relevant curriculum, the school is credited for reaching all students effectively. The school has been featured widely in media and throughout education circles for its academic success, commitment to continual innovation, and commitment to Dewey-influenced progressive education.


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