Youth Making a Change

Youth Making a Change, or YMAC, is a program of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth.

YMAC has been organizing low-income high school students of color in San Francisco since 1991. YMAC’s youth-led advocacy efforts have organized thousands of youth to stand for students’ right to voice concerns about their education and provided many resources for San Francisco’s high schools, including the Wellness Centers and SF Youth Vote.

YMAC prides itself on its pioneering hybrid model of member-led grassroots organizing, sharp policy and budget advocacy and deep civic engagement. They compliment these central strategies with individual/group academic and personal support and the community-building activities that we see as essential to sustainable community organizing.

YMAC works to build committed life-long leaders who exert leadership at four levels: in their own life, in YMAC campaigns, in their organization and in the larger movements for racial and economic justice.


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