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Aims of Meaningful Student Involvement

There have to be active intentions that are not afraid to accomplish big goals by going through deliberate process. Considering the history of public education, it is vital to build democracy and empowerment. Through reflection and brainstorming, I have identified the following Aims of Meaningful Student Involvement to fulfill these expectations in powerful ways.

  1. Deepen learning for all students in every school, everywhere, all of the time. More on Aim One »
  2. Engage students at all grade levels and in all subjects as contributing stakeholders in teaching, learning, and leading in schools. More on Aim Two »
  3. Expand the expectation of every student in every school to become an active and equitable partner throughout education. More on Aim Three »
  4. Instill a core commitment within all members of the school community—including teachers, administrators, school staff, parents, community supporters and others—to meaningfully involve students as learners, teachers and leaders throughout schools. More on Aim Four »
  5. Provide students and educators with sustainable, responsive, and systemic approaches to engaging all students throughout education. As our society constantly changes, so must schools. More on Aim Five »
  6. Acknowledge the experience, perspectives and knowledge of all students. More on Aim Six »
  7. Engage adults as allies and partners to students. More on Aim Seven »
  8. Avoid filtering student perspectives, experiences or knowledge with adult interpretations. More on Aim Eight »
  9. Recognize students’ right to ownership. More on Aim Nine »


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