Student-Led Learning and Meaningful Student Involvement


The practice of student-led learning can take many different forms. The most popular way this happens in schools today is through students leading their own learning.

However, students teaching regular lessons in their classes, serving as full teaching partners with teachers, and teaching students in lower grade levels can all embody Meaningful Student Involvement.(Richmond, 2014) Teaching teachers and other adults by facilitating professional development, training workshops, and other activities from student perspectives is also student-led learning. Not only does this fulfill the dictum that, “To teach is to learn twice,” it actually moves teachers into a more responsive position by allowing them to see the world beyond student voice by learning what students deeply understand and want them to know. (McLaren, 2003)


At Monument Mountain High School in Massachusetts, the Independent Project challenges high school students to design their own course of learning for the full school day during senior year. Its an optional program where students complete individual and group learning projects to learn, teach and lead themselves and others. Learn more from the video below.

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