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Calgary Catholic School District Student Advisory Council

The Calgary Catholic School District Student Advisory Council, or SAC, is intended to build community among Calgary’s Catholic high schools. Each school is represented by two to three students who meet regularly throughout the district to exchange ideas pertaining to educational and social issues, while developing their personal leadership skills.


The SAC is a meaningful, consultative voice of the students of the Calgary Catholic School District. They are involved in diverse student voice activities on various topics chosen by the district. The SAC members…

  • Work diligently to promote a positive profile of high school students
  • Volunteer their time and energy through acts of service in the community
  • Have opportunities to participate in fundraising and awareness campaigns within their own schools.
  • Meets three times a year with district administration without Trustee representation
  • Student feedback from the meetings is forwarded to the Calgary Catholic Board of Trustees
  • Consists of one student each from Grade 10, 11, and 12 for each of the five high schools (three students per school) for a total of 15 students
  • Students volunteer for membership on the SAC
  • Students who are chosen to become the Grade 10 DSAC representative are often the students who are subsequently chosen to be the Grade 11 and 12 representative in the following years

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