Tools for School Administrators

SoundOut for Administrators
Adam Fletcher of SoundOut speaks to school leaders in Washington state.

Education administrators, including building leaders, district and state staff, elected officials and others are key partners in efforts to infuse Meaningful Student Involvement throughout education. These people want more than student voice; they want to engage students as partners with educators. Working on every level of schools, administrators affect every major issue in schools, too. Understanding this, it’s vital to consider the possibilities for all these roles.

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Building Leadership

Schoolwide or building-level Meaningful Student Involvement has different considerations than classroom-specific activities. They can include:

Classroom Leadership

In classrooms, education administrators can affect curriculum, behavior, and climate. SoundOut tools that might be useful for administrators in classrooms include:

District & State Leadership

The functions of a school district and state education agencies are directed by publicly elected school boards and/or superintendents and implemented by professional school administrators and district staff members. Considerations for those individuals include:

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