SoundOut Tools

We create tools to support students, educators and advocates for Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice, student engagement and student/adult partnerships.

  • Meaningful Student Involvement Toolbox—Outlines the frameworks, examples, research and more.
  • Understanding Schools Toolbox—Exposes the system, practices and culture of the education system.
  • Theory and Practice—Explores the heart of SoundOut, what we do and why we do it.
  • Barriers to School Transformation—When looking through the lenses of Meaningful Student Involvement, barriers become obvious.
  • SoundOut Skill Building Lesson Plans—25+ original workshop outlines for classes, programs and more – FREE!
  • Student Voice Toolbox—Highlights what, how, when, where, who and why student voice matters.
  • Students on School Boards Toolbox—Details laws, examples, tips and more for student involvement in boards of education.
  • United States Student Voice Directory—A state-by-state exploration of student voice, including examples, research and more.
  • Canadian Student Voice Directory—Provides a clear and comprehensive national scan of what is happening across Canada.
  • Teachers—This is a collection of tools, articles, examples and more that may be useful for classroom teachers and others who work directly with students everyday.
  • Students—As active, engaged change agents, students can transform education. These tools can help them do that.
  • Administrators—Building leaders, district and state officials and other administrators can be central to engaging students throughout education.
  • Community—Parents, school board members, building volunteers, nonprofit staff and other community members support, advocate and challenge schools to do more.
  • Books—SoundOut has made reports, curriculum, guides and more available for students, educators and others concerned with the topics we cover.
  • Articles—More than 200 articles are available through our database covering every topic imaginable related to student voice. Our projects, theory, and more are highlighted throughout.


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