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Students are improving schools right now! SoundOut has compiled more than 50 issues addressed by Meaningful Student Involvement around the world in a searchable database. Find examples, research and more focused on student voice, student engagement and student/adult partnerships.

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We partner with K-12 schools, districts, state agencies, nonprofits and other organizations that are committed to student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement. Our innovative training and professional development supports educators, school leaders, board members, and students. Let us train YOU!

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For more than a decade, we’ve been connecting changemakers focused on Student Voice, Student Engagement, Student/Adult Partnerships and Meaningful Student Involvement. We build the movement – get connected!

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Here is our resource collection, including examples, data, tools and more!

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Driven by powerful research and practical experience, SoundOut is the leading provider of tools focused on student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement.

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