Teddy Wright of SoundOut in 2013

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Educators, administrators, students, community partners and others love our hands-on, engaging activities. Professional development, student training, leadership retreats, conference workshops, and more…

Spheres of Meaningful Student Involvement (c) 2015 SoundOut.

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Driven by powerful research and practical experience, SoundOut is the leading provider of tools focused on student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement.

Adam Fletcher for College Success Foundation in 2014

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For more than a decade, we’ve supported teachers, administrators, community partners and others who are committed to student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement. We create new programs, identify new trends and support the education field as it moves towards the future.

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SoundOut Workshop Guide for Student/Adult Partnerships by Adam Fletcher

Classes, clubs, afterschool programs?!? We’ve finished our brand new SoundOut Workshop Guide for Student/Adult Partnerships! Its FREE online here!