SoundOut Services


SoundOut works with program developers, teachers, building leaders and others to design, implement, evaluate and recreate programs, curricula, school improvement plans and more.

Professional Development & Training

SoundOut facilitates professional capacity building activities for educators, administrators and other adults who work in education.


SoundOut works directly to support teachers, school leaders, nonprofit managers and others as they navigate student/adult partnerships in their classroom, building, or district program.

Online Training

Using our research-driven and experience-proven approaches, we teach individuals and small groups about student voice, student engagement, Meaningful Student Involvement and more.

SoundOut Program

Used by dozens of K-12 schools in the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia, the SoundOut Program facilitates student learning about school improvement.

Special Activities

SoundOut’s clients and collaborators partner with us to facilitate new programs, special activities, faculty retreats, student conferences, and school assemblies. We also work with district, regional and state education agencies, as well as local, state and national nonprofit education organizations.

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