The SoundOut Student Voice Program is our flagship activity for students in schools.

The SoundOut Student Voice Program offers educators a powerful way to teach students how to improve schools with student voice. After basic training, the SoundOut Student Voice Program can be used in grades 7 to 12 by teachers, student support staff and community partners. There are 29 lesson plans that teach students about researching education, planning in schools, teaching, evaluation, educational decision-making, and advocacy.


  • FeaturesShows information about what is included in the SoundOut Student Voice Program.
  • MethodsHighlights different ways the SoundOut Student Voice Program works for schools and nonprofits.
  • ModulesDemonstrates what each unit in the SoundOut Student Voice Program teaches, exploring the learning goals for each lesson plan.
  • OptionsSoundOut provides support for schools that are implementing the Program. Learn the options.

The SoundOut Student Voice Program provides curriculum, professional development, evaluation and more. To learn about options, contact us.