SoundOut consults K-12 schools, districts, state agencies and others on student voice and more.

SoundOut provides expert consulting to design, implement and evaluate projects, programs and approaches to engaging student voice, fostering Meaningful Student Involvement and creating student/adult partnerships throughout education.

School consultancy requires expertise, especially when it comes to fostering student/adult partnerships to transform education. All SoundOut clients benefit from our educational expertise that is backed by a world of resources, research and quality control that many consultants, schools, agencies and nonprofits simply do not have.

Our Clients and Collaborators

  • State agencies planning student voice programs
  • Programs training staff, teachers, administrators and students
  • Districts implementing federal, state or foundation grants
  • K-12 schools infusing student/adult partnerships
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What We Do

  • Design programs
  • Customize professional development
  • Evaluate and assess activities
  • Create unique materials
  • Co-create grant proposals
  • Partner to implement programs
  • Evaluate legislative or school board policy

Whichever solution is best SoundOut can assist.  Our consultants have helped hundreds of schools (like yours) find the student voice solution that works for them.  There are a variety of approaches and strategies that are available to meet your needs – from a single consultation, to step-by-step management of the school project application and management process.

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