These are recommendations for the work of Adam Fletcher and SoundOut:

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“Adam Fletcher’s work is especially relevant in getting young people to participate in the realms of politics and critical education.”—Henry Giroux, Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University; Author of 40+ books. (

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“Adam is one of the most knowledgable people in the world regarding student voice and youth rights… I highly recommend him as a presenter and a writer in our field.”—Dana Mitra, Associate Professor, Penn State University; Author, “Student Voice in School Reform”.

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“You’re funny! I liked the drawings and the EARTH best!”—Elementary student, Spanaway Elementary School, Washington, leadership workshop.

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“Thank goodness – Adam shared about what it should be about – Engaging, about the learners. Great workshop – have him do a keynote!”—Indiana education conference attendee.

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“Thank you for the excitement and enthusiasm you bring. Not only did you give us food for thought, but demonstrated excellent leadership and presentation skills.”—Pasco, Washington 21st Century Community Learning Center staff.

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“Adam’s speech was very useful for our program. He made me think deeply about my school’s possibilities, and what I can do to make a difference.”—Buffalo, New York State high school counselor.

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“The SoundOut workshop very useful for learning how to engage students in adult-driven schools.”—San Diego high school teacher.

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“I would rate this workshop as EXCELLENT, as it was my favorite workshop of the day. Adam was engaging, challenging, and knowledgeable. I got TONS of great ideas and resources from Adam and other workshop participants.”—Conference attendee, National School Boards Association Conference.

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“Adam, you totally rock, and the SoundOut fan club keeps growing! Thanks so much for talking with us about student voice. There are so many specific cries for help in implementing student voice, and I want our programs to reach out to you for more extensive training at their sites. They need YOU!”—Rudi Bertschi, former Program Supervisor 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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“Adam truly cares about people; nowhere is this more evident than in his passion for creating inclusive learning communities with a space for everyone. His passion for student engagement is contagious and I appreciate his ability to challenge us be our better selves so that we can live in better communities that support and honor us all.”—Reyhan Reid, Program Coordinator, American Institutes for Research.

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“Adam was great! His energy was good, his experience is wonderful, and there were good proportions of lecture & discussion.”—High school student attendee, Alberta Ministry of Education Student Engagement Conference.

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“We really appreciated your excellence and passion, and for how you just helped frame the entire conversation today. I also loved and appreciated your such casual yet amazing willingness to pinch hit amid all our chaos!”—Daniel Bigler, Lecturer, Eastern Washington University.

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“Everything SoundOut did let me practice and become better!” – Seventh grade Social Studies teacher

“SoundOut’s staff was flexible enough to meet all our needs.” – Career and Technical Education Director

“We needed a big speech and several small presentations, and Adam and the staff provided it all!” – District Teaching and Learning Director



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