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Meaningful Student Involvement Planning Guide

(2010, 15 pgs, FREE) MSI Planning Guide coverFor too long student involvement, student voice and student engagement activities have been seen as ways to engage those who already engaged in schools: honors students, traditional student leaders and “star students”. Activities have not have been particularly significant or beneficial to even those students. Meaningful Student Involvement requires deliberation, intention and connection among students, between students and adults, and throughout the larger school and community. That requires planning.

Following is our planning guide designed to encourage students and adults work together to think purposefully, critically and powerfully about their intentions for involving students. Users are challenged to answer each question as clearly as possible; for those that you cannot answer immediately, identify the answers as soon as possible.

Note that this is not an activity planning guide; rather, it is a guide designed to ensure that the activity that you are embarking upon is meaningful. When you have completed the Planning Guide, you are invited to return it to SoundOut for an assessment and further technical assistance (contact us).

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