2021-22 SoundOut Workshops

Our workshops…

  • Facilitate learning that transforms learning, teaching and leadership throughout education. Our learning opportunities are highly interactive, engaging, and pragmatic;
  • Increase organizational capacity to build meaningful learning and cultivate the strategic leadership and holistic engagement of students throughout schools;
  • Bring experience to life for educators, parents and others by sharing powerful stories, meaningful lessons, and engaging presentations designed to fit your goals;
  • Build skills and knowledge for students, educators, and communities about the impact of Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice, student engagement and more!

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SoundOut Workshop Topics

Basics of Student Voice

Personalize curriculum, improve school culture, and build new student leaders with our dynamic, engaging lessons!

Online Student Engagement

Examine the basics, facts and best practices nationwide for getting students involved and excited.

Students and Adults as Partners

Student/Adult Partnerships are intentional relationships developed with power, trust and respect. Explore possibilities and create sustainable outcomes for students as learning partners.

Basics of Nontraditional Student Leadership

Engage all students as leaders with effective, exciting and realistic activities and ideas. Explore research, plan next steps, and more.

Learning through Reflection

Learning comes not from doing, but from thinking about what we do. Online reflection is different from in-person reflection, and in this workshop we talk about why, how and when it can happen.

Roadblocks to Student Engagement

Examine and respond effectively to real roadblocks that stop student engagement right now. Learn to address interpersonal hurdles with practical action.

Student Voice Online

Build authentic voice and genuine learning by learning where, how, why, when and with whom students are interacting online.

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