Meaningful Student Involvement

This is a collection of tools you can use to learn, teach, advocate and share Meaningful Student Involvement in your school or community!

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SoundOut for Communities
Meaningful Student Involvement can happen throughout education, including learning, teaching and leadership.


These are the essential components of Meaningful Student Involvement.


SoundOut Tools for Teachers
Meaningful Student Involvement happens through activities, approaches, strategies and more!


This information is for anyone who wants to teach through Meaningful Student Involvement.


Spheres of Meaningful Student Involvement (c) 2015 SoundOut.
There are three circles within the Spheres of Meaningful Student Involvement.


These are the frameworks of Meaningful Student Involvement.


SoundOut for Administrators
With our tools, teachers, students and school leaders can plan, facilitate and coordinate action.

These articles are especially useful for people planning Meaningful Student Involvement.

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