People Affected by Meaningful Student Involvement

There are innumerable people who can be affected by Meaningful Student Involvement, no matter where it is happening, who is involved or what it is addressing.

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Among the many stakeholders, it is vital to understand exactly how Student/Adult Partnerships can be most effective. Fielding addresses this when he wrote,

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“the inclusion of student voice can be achieved in a variety of different methods that allow multiple opportunities for students to be included in the planning and decision-making about their own learning environment but that it will be the leadership of the principal that ultimately determines which school-based decisions will be inclusive of student voice.” (Fielding, 2001)

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Following is a list of people who are affected by Meaningful Student Involvement, including students, the principal, and others throughout the education system.  Links go to additional information, including examples and research.

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List of People affected by Meaningful Student Involvement:

Other parties potentially affected by Meaningful Student Involvement:

  • Nonprofit education organizations
  • Education professional associations
  • PTA
  • Teachers unions
  • Education publishers
  • Assessment companies
  • App developers
  • Tech manufacturers
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Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook written by Adam Fletcher published by CommonAction Publishing in 2017.

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