This is a collection of tools for teachers. SoundOut supports teachers, classroom leaders and educators who work with students everyday in a variety of ways. Following are articles and resources specifically selected to benefit teachers. For more information or assistance, please contact us.

Professional Development

You shouldn’t just starting “doing” student voice. Instead, take time to learn about it, examine opportunities for it, and decide whether you’re truly committed to it. Use these tools to do that.

Classroom Planning

We don’t pretend student voice is a simple add-on to what you’re already doing. Instead, we promote infusing Meaningful Student Involvement throughout your intentions, actions and expectations for your classroom.

Other Info

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SoundOut is an international technical support project focused on student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement. We offer workshops, tools and technical assistance to K-12 schools including teachers, administrators and students themselves. For more information visit our About Us page.

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